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As a client receiving care, we want you to know the rights you have as you are enrolled in care. These rights include, among others, respectful and considerate treatment, involvement in making decisions about your care, privacy of your health information and designating the individuals who are involved in your care (individuals who can visit you or be involved in your care during your stay such as family, significant others and friends).

You can also receive copies of your treatment plan and critical intervention plan documents while receiving services/supports.

Along with your rights, you and your family/loved ones have responsibilities such as providing accurate information to your doctors and asking questions if you do not understand your care. By taking an active role in your care, you can help us meet your health needs.

If you need help understanding your rights and responsibilities, or if would like more information, please ask for assistance. We are here to help!

Privacy Practices

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) governs patient health information. The Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is responsible for enforcing HIPAA rules and regulations.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires health care providers to develop and distribute a notice that provides a clear, user friendly explanation of individuals rights with respect to their personal health information and the privacy practices of health plans and health care providers.

Link to BJC Privacy Practices

Client Complaints and Grievances

A client may file a complaint or grievance with our associate director of quality assurance at 800-866-0630 and an impartial review will be conducted. In addition, clients may mail a copy of the complaint, grievance or appeal to the Missouri Department of Mental Health Consumer Rights Coordinator, Department of Mental Health, P.O. Box 687, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or call 800-364-9687.