Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR)

CPR provides community support and psychiatric services to clients on an outpatient basis.

Intensive Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (iCPR)

ICPR provides support to high-needs youth/families multiple times weekly. Our staff works with clients to provide life skills, support services and stabilization monitoring that allows clients to remain living in the community successfully.

Day Treatment program (Farmington)

A school-based program providing daily intensive and structured programming for students. Students participate in a specialized form of treatment targeting behavioral and emotional needs while in the school setting.

Assertive Community Treatment for Transitional Aged Youth (ACT-TAY)

ACT-TAY provides community-based, personalized and comprehensive care multiple times weekly to young adults with intensive needs. Clients receive a variety of services (medication assistance, peer support, resources, supportive employment, etc.) to help them have a life that is not dominated by mental illness.

Missouri Transition Aged Youth Local Engagement and Recovery (MO TAY-LER)

MO TAY-LER is an interdisciplinary team connecting clients to behavioral health services. The program serves to help clients with the difficult transition to adulthood by providing a variety of resources (skills building, psychosocial rehabilitation support, etc.) and the tools needed to live independently.

Youth Emergency Room Enhancement Program (YERE)

The YERE program provides support to clients and families in crisis. The team provides outreach and peer support, resources and links families to services following hospitalization or crisis.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is an evidence-based therapy that treats a variety of self-sabotaging behaviors (most notably Borderline Personality Disorder). This program offers skills groups to our adolescent population and is designed to help parents with dialectical dilemmas and improve understanding and communication between adolescents and guardians.

Embedded Schools

Educational Support Counselors are embedded in multiple St. Louis County school districts and provide services geared towards assisting students with addressing personal/social skills, behavioral skills, education/academic and career development issues.