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BJC Behavioral Health
Administrative Offices
Suite 400
1430 Olive Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63103 USA
phone -- 314.729.4004
after hours -- 314.469.6644
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Access Our Services

BJC Behavioral Health -- Provides an array of mental health services and arranges for other supportive services allowing adults and children with mental health problems to live independently in their homes and communities. Services provided:

Access Our Services

BJC Behavioral Health (BJC BH) is an affiliated member of BJC HealthCare offering comprehensive community-based behavioral health services to children and adults in the St. Louis metropolitan area and in the Missouri counties of Washington, Iron and St. Francois

To have one of our mental health specialists assess your eligibility for services or referrals to other community resources -- as outlined by the Department of Mental Health -- contact:

BJC Behavioral Health Call Center and Referral Line 
phone -- 314.729.4004
toll-free -- 877.729.4004 to access all services, except EAP
TDD -- 314.729.4001 or toll-free -- 877.729.4001
8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
after hours -- 314.469.6644 or toll-free -- 800.811.4760

Cost of Services
The cost for services provided by the BJC BH service delivery system is determined by insurance held by the customer and the BJC BH contract. Current insurance and contracts include:

  • Behavioral health services for employees of BJC HealthCare who are BJC covered
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Missouri Department of Mental Health

Persons requesting services through private insurance, managed care plans and employee assistance programs (EAPs) may be covered through their plans. We will need to obtain authorization from these companies for services requested. All other persons will be asked to provide evidence of income, insurance or Medicaid/Medicare to determine the cost -- if any -- for services. Costs are based on a standard means test. The staff of the Call Center will assist you in determining whether you are covered for our services and -- if you are -- what information we will need to bring to your first appointment.

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Access Center -- 314.729.4004 toll free -- 877.729.4004
TDD -- 314.729.4001 or toll-free -- 877.729.4001
Quality mental health care throughout the St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan and outlying areas
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